In addition to the open space offered by the 83,000 sqm of the polo field, the club has the Land Rover Equestrian Arena, the only international sized polo arena in Gauteng. There is also nearly 2km of sand training track and a large dressage & school arena. It is a surprise to many that during the polo season 130 polo ponies can be comfortably accommodated in the stables.


The Rand Hunt Club has a history dating back to 1887 as running a “drag pack”. This means that the hounds hunt the pre-laid trail. A mounted rider dragging a cloth soaked in a specially concocted scent lays the trail, or “line”. No live hunting takes place, but rather its a test of the hounds’ tracking abilities. Hunts take place over varied countryside and include a great number of fences of many different designs. Originally based in Sandton, the hunt was forced to move to Kyalami by encroaching urbanization and has its home at what is now known as Inanda Country Base.


This uniquely centrally situated riding school offers group and individual lessons for young and old. Please contact Gail on or Debbie on 083 6473915 for details on lessons & fees. A horse riding sectional membership also needs to be taken out to gain access to the Inanda Club property. Please contact the Inanda Club Secretary on for an application form and rates.


Two all weather tennis courts are available for members to enjoy for social games or to brush up on their style with a private coach.


The pool is adjacent to the gym and is ideal for training sessions. The sheltered grass surrounds and children’s splash pool makes it perfect for casual swimmers and for a relaxing afternoon at the poolside.


The fully equipped private gym is managed by professionals. Enjoy a casual gym workout or allow one of the instructors to arrange personal training sessions and create a training programme tailor-made for your needs and health.